Monday, October 31, 2011

Flathead Lake at Wayfarer Campground, near Bigfork, Montana

We just enjoyed a wonderful weekend trip to Bigfork and Whitefish Montana, which included a hike along Flathead Lake at the Wayfarer Campground. This is located on the east shore of Flathead and just a mile or so south of the little artsy town of Bigfork. My spouse and dog are silhouetted in this photo. I really like the clouds.

 (Click on photo to open 3MB size view.)

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Shauni said...

I seriously think that I need to make a visit to Montana!! These are just absolutely beautiful!!

And of course you did promise Cowboys.. *Grins* she got it from somewhere..

Anonymous said...

Eveyone should visit Montana! Beautiful! You can enjoy camping in the trees, picnicking on the grassy area overlooking the lake, or hiking through the mature forest where wildflowers abound from spring to late fall. Worth a try!

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