Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glacier Park Snow Pack and Plowing

REALLY a lot of snow up in Glacier Park.  This photo, from the Park's Facebook Page, shows the snow on June 22, 2011, about five miles BELOW the Logan Pass summit on Going to the Sun Highway.

(Click on photo to open large size view.)
A friend who is working in the Park this summer says that there is still sixty feet of snow at the summit.  Who knows when the Road will be open for tourist traffic?  Perhaps not until the end of July.  (And one year it snowed when I was at Logan Pass summit on August 15th.)  

I'm not sure about global warming, but perhaps it affects the snow and ice packs in different ways.

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Anonymous said...

Usually every year on my birthday (the end of June) We take our first hiking trip of the year at Logan pass. I was really bummed this year that it was still closed. Hopefully they will be able to open the park fully this year!

Computer for Dummies said...

Amazing glacier park snow, In my country there is no gleiser. Because my country is tropical

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