Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cabinet Mountains and Beautiful Lake Koocanusa

Cabinet Mountains above Lake Koocanusa, Montana
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Lake Koocanusa in northwestern Montana

Lake Koocanusa in northwestern Montana, was formed when the Kootenai River backed up behind 422 foot-tall Libby Dam, not far from the town of Libby, Montana.

The Kootenai River used to cause flooding in Montana, Idaho and in British Columbia during the spring snowmelt.  The Lake has become a prime recreation area, with trails and a scenic drive.  The lake backs up 93 miles, all the way into Canada.

Incidentally, and I just learned this the other day, Lake Koocanusa received its name in a contest to name the Libby Dam reservoir. Alice Beers, from Rexford, Montana, combined the first three letters from KOOtenai River, the first three letters of CANada , and USA, to create KOOCANUSA!

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Sharkbytes said...

I like this view, with more green, a lot better.

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