Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garnet Montana Ghost Town (Is that a ghost in the bottom photo?)

A popular activity for Montana tourists and residents alike is visiting our ghost towns.  Garnet is a well-preserved town that is still used to some extent.  There is a cabin that cross-country skiers can rent.  During the summer months the visitor center is staffed, but the town is open and accessible all year around.

On the road to Garnet (click on photo to open larger view)

A lot of gold was hauled out of the hills around Garnet, and the stories are plentiful.  The visitor center has a number of pamphlets to assist in understanding this part of our history.  The Garnet Preservation website is very informative.

To reach Garnet, drive six miles east on I-90 out of Missoula and take the Highway 200 exit at Bonner (Exit 109), then continue on Hwy 200 for 22 miles until you reach the "Garnet Range Road" turn.  Continue another ten miles on the gravel road and park in the designated parking area. There is an alternate road that comes in from the south, which you can access at the I-90 exit at Bearmouth, but this is forty miles from Missoula and the road is much much harder to travel, and impossible for any kind of camper or RV. It isn't even open much of the year.

My hubby and I have visited Garnet a number of times and we have quite a few photos. (That's him on the overlook photo above.) I will just put up one overview picture of the town, plus one of the GHOST!
Click on the Ghost town overview to open larger view
Below is a photo of one of the old buildings, along with a closeup view that shows a visage I am unable to explain. Ghost?
Who is that in the window?  The ghost of a miner?

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Sharkbytes said...

Ha! I think your funny guy is running from one location to another faster than you can keep up! Looks like an interesting place.

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