Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bison vs Bear Yellowstone Park by Alex Wypyszinski

The Bison vs Bear photo from Yellowstone National Park went viral on the internet.  Here I show the entire sequence of seven photos.
The photographer, Alex Wypyszinski, a seasonal employee at Yellowstone, took this sequence.  The bison had stepped through the crust of hot springs and been burned on its legs.  The bear, just out of hibernation in May 2010, was hungry and looking for a meal.  In the end, the bison veered off the road to the left, and the bear went off to the right, so the chase came to an end without a kill.  (Contrary to what many viewers of the photo believed, the bear had not attacked the bison to cause its injuries.)

A fascinating sequence.  As an amateur photographer myself, I have carried my camera with me for years, in the hope that, some day, I would be the person in the right place at the right time.  Mr. Wypyszinski now has his "fifteen minutes" of fame.  Well, with a photo sequence like this, people around the World might be seeing his name for a great deal longer than fifteen minutes, so to speak.

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