Monday, November 9, 2009

Bannack State Park and Ghost Town Beautiful Still

I know it may seem late in the year to be visiting a Montana Ghost Town, but, in fact, the tourists are gone, and the little territorial capital of Bannack is still here.

I would certainly encourage the locals to visit the park during autumn, as this is a beautiful time of year, particularly along Grasshopper Creek, which was the gold-bearing creek that attracted all the miners so many years ago

(Click on photos to open large size view.)

Grasshopper Creek still flows around the edge of town. There is a nice little campground alongside the creek, just west of the town itself. It is within walking distance. I've never caught a fish there, but that didn't really matter.

One other benefit of a late autumn visit is that there are NO bugs. None!

These photos, of the town, and of Grasshopper Creek, are from the Bannack State Park Homepage. Be sure to visit.

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