Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Turkey or Not!

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See that "black" thing in the center of the photo above? After several turkey sightings this summer, we've come to expect campsite visitors. We saw this from our campsite and watched for a while....but it never moved. Ummmm.....
I approached with the camera, expecting it to take flight or at least to run know how silly we now feel. The final shot below reveals the "wildness" of my quarry....
That's the campground water pump, secured for the winter. We were camping at the Russell Gates Fishing Access site about 45 miles northeast of Missoula, Montana, along the Blackfoot River. It's a great site at this time of year because about the only visitors are fisherman with rafts being dropped off for the float downstream. We camped in the motor home, but it is getting too cold for camping now.

There was a hunter's tent set up on Friday night, but they took it down on Saturday so we were the only occupants of the campground Saturday and Sunday.

This is a very pretty area, with some wildlife...we saw bear tracks in camp Saturday which spooked us somewhat. After that, every time one of the dogs would start to sniff the wind, we would be looking all around for black bear visitors. We did have a bald eagle perched across the river from us too. I think this was his section of the river.

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Ann said...

LOL oh that is so funny, it does look like a turkey from far away.

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