Monday, September 21, 2009

Wild Turkeys - Birds Not Bourbon

We camped in a location that is also inhabited by wild turkeys. Here is a flock (also called a "rafter") of turkeys that were on the hiking trail that circled the campground.

Click on photos to open large size views.)
Frankly, I am surprised that my wife hasn't given this one a name yet.
Later, as you can see, they decided to check out our site for food too.
At one point I was feeding them hundreds of chokecherries after noticing that they were jumping up and trying to reach the lowest branches, but most of the good stuff was too high for them to reach. So long as I didn't make any sudden moves, they seemed more interested in eating than avoiding me. They were within two or three feet of me, "gobbling" on ripe chokecherries.

Of course, wild turkeys can fly quite well; I've seen them roost forty feet up in a ponderosa pine. Chokecherry bushes can't support their weight.

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Ann said...

great shot of the turkey. I think he looks like a

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

I have never seen a picture of a live turkey before!

Chef Eureka said...

gobble gobble gobble!

We were out driving around over the weekend and half a dozen turkey's crossed our path.

Mike said...

Great photos - I have turkeys around my area, but they don't hang out for their photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful website, the writing is outstanding as are the photographs.


Mom said...

It was very sweet of you to pick berries for them. I'm sure they were quite appreciative of your kindness.

Grampy said...

Nice to see someone helping out the wildlife for a change.Excellent pictures.
Have a good Weekend.

Top Wallpaper Gallery said...

Good pictures I like that Turkeys. Hope you will include more

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