Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Exploring Abandoned Railroad Tunnel

During our recent weekend outing at the Beavertail Hill area, we discovered an abandoned railroad tunnel right next to the one that is currently in use. In the photo below the abandoned railroad tunnel is on the left. The tracks have been removed and locals evidently still drive their pickup trucks through here. Notice the new tunnel on the right is much wider. Both tunnels are over 900 feet in length.

We felt "sorta" brave, so decided to enter the old tunnel and walk through to the other side. Clicking on the photo below will open a MUCH larger view.We had no idea what kind of critters might have taken up residence in this tunnel. We made quite a bit of noise so they would be able to get out the other end before we got to them. It was REALLY dark, and pretty darn scary too. There were small openings along one side of the tunnel, I guess where a railroad worker could take refuge if a train came through (in the old days).
We took some comfort in the fact that we had two dogs with us and if anything "alive" was in there they would have alerted us. (I think)
At any rate, we made it through to the other side and the trip back was much more relaxed since we knew it was now empty of all wildlife critters. I think the photo above is pretty dramatic.
(Click on photos to open large size views.)

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John said...

This looks like a fantastic place to explore. I love underground tunnels caves and buildings.

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