Friday, July 31, 2009

Bear Carvings from Tree Stumps

Carving things out of trees (like totem poles), is nothing new, and seems to be a modern artistic outlet for out-of-work lumberjacks, and there are WAY too many unemployed lumberjacks out here in the western United States.
These carvings are located at a campground in St. Regis, Montana. (You can Click on photos to open large-size view.)
These are scattered throughout the campground and there are also other carvings, depicting fish, beaver and other animals. It's pretty cool.
I have to agree that these are works of art, and they remain here, in place, in their natural habitat, available for all to enjoy.

(Click on photo to open large size view.)

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

These have always amazed me and I would really love to have one. but, I have priced them at fairs and swamps and they are never cheap!

Happy weekend!:-)

Erik said...

I have several tree bears, but no stump bears...those are very cool.

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