Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doggies Alert on Flash Photo

I also sorta named this one, "Where are you momma?"
(Click on photo to open large size view.)

Our pets, CheyAnna, the Dalton Terrier (Dalmation and Boston Terrier cross), and Coby, our 100-pound Black Lab and Rottweiler cross, were relaxing up in the computer room when "Dad" decided to flash them awake. A dog cookie further upset their napping for just a little while.

We love them; they add SO much to our household and to our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I just stopped by to drop on your Entrecard and wanted to let you know that you have been added to Blog Angel's All Above the Crease Drop List . I created the list because I was sick of wasting time trying to find people's Ecards. You and everyone on the list has their Entrecards in an easy to find location. Stop by and check it out.

Amy said...

I have a dalton and was wondering if the lady who was breeding them is still doing it. We are considering another one down the road and would like to contact her. Thanks!

storybeader said...

they look a little disturbed! Beautiful doggies!

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