Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dalton Terrier Closeup photo of my pet

(Click on photo to open a much larger size view.)
This is CheyAnna. Part Dalmation and part Boston Terrier. She will "celebrate" her first birthday in two days.

We might start celebrating early. She is now 31 pounds and that is just about six pounds more than when she joined our little family seven months ago.

We have no previous experience with this type of mixed breed dog, but judging from her parents, she will gain a little more weight and become stockier, but remain about the same height, which we like. She is still a "lap dog" and really enjoys her time with "momma" in the evenings.

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Amanda said...

Hi! My hubby and I were doing a random search when we found this page! We also have a Dalton terrier that we adopted in Montana from a very sweet woman near Thompson falls. We would really love to share experiences and pictures! Hope this gets to you :)

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