Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Turkey Named Marie Antoinette

This one takes some explaining:

As part of a radio station promotion, a local turkey breeder offered to deliver this bird, all "prepared for cooking," to the household who offered the largest donation to the local food bank, just in time for Thanksgiving. My spouse offered $200, but with the caveat that she be allowed to "adopt" the turkey and the breeder would keep her around the farm instead of "preparing" her for cooking. The deal was struck and my wife drove us out to the farm so she could meet her adoptive turkey. She decided a name would be in line, and since "le guillotine" is associated with Marie Antoinette, that became her moniker. The breeder was quite amused, and his daughters loved it! A turkey's life span isn't very long, but this one lived to see another year anyway.
Now...the turkey trot below is a frame captured from a video, so it is pretty small. Wild Turkeys bound around here during late spring and these guys were mixing it up pretty good.
They are also very, very vocal.

Montana Wild Turkey Trot
I won't embed the Youtube video, but here is a link (only 38 seconds long): Turkey Trot

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Erin Tales said...

A very lucky turkey and a wonderful cause.

Beadsme said...

Sounds just like something I would do.

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