Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Burned Out Forest with Logging Skid Marks

After a wildfire burns through the forest, the standing timber can sometimes be salvaged. This is what the mountain looks like after the loggers have "skidded" the timber down the side of the hill. This will not look much different ten years from now, even if tree seedlings are planted. Snowfall and rain will exacerbate the erosion in the skid mark trenches and just leave a mess. This is one argument against "clear-cutting," but when the timber has been burned, I guess there is little choice. The only alternative is to lift logs by helicopter, but that adds considerable cost to the salvage operation, as you might imagine.
(Click on photo to open large size view.)

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Mizé said...

I´ve been visiting your blog trough Entrecard and I like your countryside pictures very much. My dream is to build a house in the country, I blog about that.
Thanks for returning my drops. A good Wednesday.

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