Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abandoned Family Farm in Montana

This is becoming all too common. Family can't make a living and is forced off the farm and moves to "town." Big outfits then buy up the place and continue to operate on the farming acreage or pastures while the family farmhouse just sits, unattended, until nature reclaims the yard and garden, then the house itself. I wonder if this building will still sit here fifty years from now. There are many others like this all over the State. It is so sad.
(Click on photo to open large size view.)

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Laane said...

It's sad indeed.

Point is that we would love to move there, work on the land, homeschool the children and live sober.

But we don't have the money to move and travel there.

Carole said...

Good pic and commentary. Very thought provoking.

haleyhughes said...

It is sad, especially when you think of all the love and hopes that were poured into that home at one time.

kml said...

It looks like it was beautiful at one time. So sad.

Jade said...

"past-provoking" is what comes to my mind at the sight of this picture. Its like a heart that was a alive and full at one time, but now? Dead and almost gone with little hope of rekindled life.

It's dark but beautiful in a strange sort of way.

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