Thursday, October 16, 2008

Square Butte near Simms Montana

One can see this from twenty miles away. It becomes increasingly more imposing (and impressive) as you get closer and closer. You can drive right up to it too, but much of the beauty lies in its visual effect on the horizon, don't you think?
(Click on photo to open large size view.)

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simplyjacy said...

that really looks interesting. i haven't visited Montana yet when I do, these places you featured will be a good stop for me!


Shinade said...

Oh my another beautiful picture. You guys should really join some photo memes.

If you drop by my site and wait for everything to load look down to the bottom right side bar.

You will find three great ones. I have really gotten a lot of traffic from being involved with them.

And it's fun.

Happy week end:-)

Mizé said...

This picture is really cool! A great countryside view. I like the country in spring but also in fall, all brown.
Thanks for visiting my blog trough Entrecard.

DragonLady said...

Seems like it would lose its appeal... until you got on top! Awesome...

kris said...

Just a few fond memory of Square Butte and Sun River as a small boy. In the early sixties my family and I lived in Sun River, Montana; just miles away from Square Butte. My brother and I would walk to Square Butte and climb it. We rolled rocks for hours. The higher you got to the cliff the larger the rocks. Larger rocks would roll faster and farther off the cliffs.

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