Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lost Horse Creek, Bitterroot Mountains

There are many drainages coming down off the east slope of the Bitterroot Mountain, flowing into the valley and the Bitterroot River. Each of these drainages offers spectacular views, hiking, and often fishing too. Rainbow and Brook Trout mostly, but you might catch a Brown closer to the mouth of the Creek. There is a great Lodge and Restaurant "a-way the heck up there" that offers a terrific Sunday brunch--or used to. Lost Horse Creek Lodge--better call 'em first. (And ask for directions, too, if you aren't a local)
(Click on photo to open large size view.)

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Cindy said...

What a beautiful place!
Thank you so much for running my entrecard on your site.

Momstart said...

nice picture

pj finn said...

Lost Horse was always one of my favorite hangouts when I lived up the Bitterroot. Nice shot.

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